You are absorbed in thinking about a work of literature and you want to start a public discussion about it. You consider writing a traditional review. But maybe what you want to say is beyond the scope of evaluation and explanation. Maybe it cannot be articulated verbally at all. Or maybe you just dread sitting down to write a traditional 500-1000 word review

Consider creating an experimental review for CAROUSEL's #USEReview section

These are the only parameters: 

· your review must name the author(s) and specify the title of the text(s) being commented upon

· your review must offer some kind of commentary on the chosen text(s)

· the text(s) you are reviewing must be literary (poetry, fiction or hybrid writing)

There is no set genre for your review. Send us a suite of poems, a comic strip, a short story, a piece of visual art — whatever you like, as long as you feel that your review meaningfully comments upon the text(s) in question. There is no set length for experimental reviews, though excessive volume could discourage us. The text being reviewed does not need to be contemporary, though we will likely prioritize reviews of more recent texts

We are putting out this call for experimental reviews because we believe that it is important to publicize, discuss and engage with books. We like reviews, but we also believe that there can be fresh and thrilling alternatives to supplement the role of traditional reviews. 

Please note that if you do send us a more traditional review, we will still read it, but we will only accept it if it is exceptional and thought-provoking. We are unlikely to be interested in a few paragraphs containing a list of adjectives like “raw,” “moving” and “lyrical.”

We hope that you will be as excited about staking out this new genre of experimental reviews as we are.

Please indicate which book you are 'reviewing' in the TITLE LINE of the submission!

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.